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Why Thirsty Pet?

ThirstyPet, LLC (PetWater) is a startup company formed to provide pet owners convenient, portable pet hydration solutions. The company’s initial focus will be on selling purified water in a form factor that will make it practical and easy for a pet owner to be able to allow his or her pet to drink water out of a personal, resealable bowl no matter where they are.

Thirsty Pet’s goal is to help pet owners maintain the health of their pets through adequate hydration and exercise. By providing high -quality water in portable bowls, PetWater provides the pet owner with just this opportunity. Thirsty Pet Petwater and its owners are dedicated to giving back to the human and pet communities as the organization continues to thrive.

Water is the source of life for everything alive on our planet. From trees to insects, humans to animals, we all need water to survive. The necessity of fresh water cannot be understated, and this is the case for us as much as it is for our pets. Without access to fresh, clean water daily, our pets’ health could suffer more than we think.

You see, veterinarians all over the country have noticed an increase in bad dental health in pets. This often comes from poor water quality, as they do not have fresh water given to them each day. Most animals will get their saliva into whatever bowl they are drinking out of. When these bowls are not washed and filled daily, the bacteria begins to pile up. As a result, we have seen a decline in the health of our pets.

Thirsty Pet decided to make a change. We put together the perfect combination of portability and cleanliness for helping our pets stay healthy while on the go. Give your pet the absolute best by choosing our products. We look forward to hydrating your companion no matter where you two may go! 

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